logo Jérôme Benoit

Hi, I'm Jérôme.

Design System enthusiast lover
fueled with passion.

Currently improving the healthcare system at Doctolib and scaling up the Oxygen Design System to support a team of 60+ designers and 300+ developers.

📍Based in (rainy yet delightful) Normandy, France

What I do

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Governing Design System

I combine clear documentation and processes, precise metrics and deliver automations to foster a trustful environment around the Design System.

icon illustrating high quality standards

Setting high quality standards

I commit to provide a best in class component craft on Figma, following the latest accessibility requirements, and ensure a full sync between design and dev components.

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Pushing for Adoption

I foster a collaborative space around the Design System with specific rituals, user-centered approach, trainings and empower teams with dedicated methodologies.

What I say

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