How to make performance curves more understandable?

State of play

Kolsquare is a Saas B2B platform dedicated to help professionals optimize their Marketing Influence campaigns on 4 social networks (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter).
An important part of this platform is the influencer description. On this section, a user can find numerous informations about the influencer' profile, audience, statistics, content, interactions with brands and social networks users...

The statistics section is one the oldest created and needed a real update. It's composed of two part: a table displaying basic calculations per networks (average engagment rate per post, number of post per week, views likes comment or shares per posts...). The second part is about visualisation of the performance with curves. These curves are the topic of this case study.

Main Issue(s)

No discovery on these performance curves has been made, because you will see there are many non-sense with these curves, and it's all about optimizations in the run process of our tech sprints.

  • First issue: Scales
    Scales on these curves
  • Second issue: Missing datas
    As the curves are presenting datas, some of them can be missing. There's a lot a reasons that lead us to have incomplete curves. For example, when a network is changing its rules for detecting bots, when a user switch from a public profile to a private one, or simply because we're not able to rewrite the past, and when we begin collecting datas from a profile, we can't go back and retrace the whole evolution of its community, or engagment rate.
  • Third issue: Post & stories
    Stories are an important part of the influencer game, and when the influencers began to massively use the stories, our product was not prepared. The informations we gave were only posts informations. Stories needed to be added.
  • Forth issue: Lack of added value in the given datas
    When hovering the curves, a tooltip shows informations of the day you are hovering. But the way these informations are displayed makes them totally unreadable, and so useless.
  • Fifth issue: Unprecise date selection
    Currently, it's not possible to select precisely an amplitude of time from date to date, which could be really useful when checking your competitor's campaigns or following the activity of a specific influencer.

Performance curves Above: Performance curves before the revamp.


Default state of the curves, displaying the default social network Above: default state of the curves, displaying the default social network.

Exemple showing lack of datas Above: we clearly visually display the lack of datas when they are missing (private account, account shut, collection issue...).

Exemple of a recent added account on the platform Above: exemple of an account added few days ago on the platform.

Youtube version of the curves, with dedicated KPIs Above: exemple of the curves for Youtube, with dedicated KPIs (published video).

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