How to make our customers more efficient by reducing time-consuming tasks?


State of play

One of our customer's main task to operate influencers campaigns is to identify the perfect influencers. I mean, the ones whom will generate the more engagment from their audience, and thus who will generate the more revenue.

Main Issue(s)

As 80% of our customers' campaigns are on Instagram, they are used to browse from profile to profile, reading comments, watching who likes posts, to find influencers on specific subjects. Once they find several profiles, they try to explore the community of these ones, with dedicated paying tools. This task is qualified by our customers as the most time-consuming and boring task of their workflow.

After many talks with our customers, we understood that the exprerience on Kolsquare wasn't as optimal as using Instagram to browse profiles. Two options were available: improve the experience on Kolsquare, or entering into the habits of our customers. We choose both. 😉

The strategy

To improve our solution we conclude that:
  • we could improve the browsing experience by adding some previous / next buttons to go from profiles to profiles
  • we could add a "similar profiles" section. This point is a bit more tricky as we have to determine first what is a similar profile (community size, influencer theme, community interests, community socio-demographics, a mix of these options?). Moreover, Instagram is not really displaying similar profiles, but only suggestions (profiles in relations with the one you're watching), and our customers are so accustomed to this browsing experience, that they clearly assimilate similarity to suggestions.
To settle in our customers habits, we decided to create a Chrome Extension displaying what they needmost. So that they could quickly identify if influencers are real of fake, and how is shaped their audience, whithout leaving Instagram and thus avoiding the never ending switch between tabs or windows (Insta / Kolsquare).

Kolsquare Chrome extension Above: the extension in action.
Once you created an account on the extension, you could watch, while browsing profiles on Instagram:
  • Basic Profile informations
  • Audience Quality Score (information sent by our data team)
  • Evolution of Audience and Engagment rates of all the networks of the influencer, plus links to those networks
  • Socio-demographics statistics of the followers (age, gender, location, interests, languages...)
Different screens depending of the user profile Above: the extension depending of the user's type (free user vs. Kolsquare customer).
If you are a client of Kolsquare, you have access to premium features linked to Kolsquare, such as:
  • Add to your campaigns or favorite list
  • Take notes on the influencers
  • View the detailled influencer profile on Kolsquare
  • Watch the likers socio-demo statistics
If an influenceur is not registered on Kolsquare, any user can submit this influencer to our team handling our influencers' catalog. The profile is directly added to our database, and fully completed whithin 24/48 hours.

Different states of the Kolsquare extension Above: different screens of the extension.

The sequencing

We choose to address this project in three phases:
  • Creating a MVP of the extension and in the meanwhile adressing the prev/next buttons.
  • Testing the MVP with our customers and our internal agency.
  • Developping and marketing the extension, and then iterate fast
At that time, the similar profiles project was already on the table and our Data Science team was already working on developping an algorythm.


After publishing the extension, we add many good feedbacks, and we iterate several times to display the more pertinent informations on the few space available. In about one month, more than 650 users created a free account, 50 reviews were written, and all our customers were unanimous: they save a lot of time when preparing their campaigns.

Wanna see it live? It's never too late!