Kolsquare branding


Kolsquare is a brand created by Brand and Celebrities, the company I'm currently working for. Brand and Celebrities has many partnerships with brand ambassadors, experts, speakers, and influencers. Nowadays, the influence market has made a huge turn, and influencers are now a real media, called Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). And so, Kolsquare is born.

After several month of work on the brand itself, a brand compass has been set up, with the following positionning: Rational Affinity + Authentic Inspiration = Effective Communication, and the baseline: Tech-Powered. Human-Driven.

Step 1: the name

The name Kolsquare is holding several concepts:
  • KOL, meaning Key Opinion Leaders
  • Square, describing the rational approach of the matching between clients and influencers, carrying a feeling a responsibility, seriousness, and finally suggesting a place of meetings and exchanges.

Kolsquare could be defined as the place Where Brands and Influencers find their perfect match!

Step 2: Materialising the values

The first step of the intellectual approach was to materialise all the values that carries Kolsquare, and the concepts which are its foundations.

The major ideas were:
  • The world of the influence (represented by an atom, a galaxy, or the waves of a water drop)
  • A place of exchanges, meetings, and a multitude of possibilities (symbolised by the infinity sign)
  • The matching
  • The "square" of the name, synonym of trust, responsibility and rigor.
  • The K letter, which is a strong symbol.

Once the concept validated, the logo has been redrawn with the help of the Golden Ratio, to obtain an harmonious shape.

Step 3: fonts

Font has a determining role in a brand identity, as it's suggesting emotions and have an effect on the perception of the whole identity. I have decided to use a sans-serif font for the logo, as the industry in which we're working is based on social feeds, and as we want to give a strong tech aspect of our brand. This font has to be sans-serif but with friendly shapes. The font D-DIN Expanded is clearly doing the job.

A complementary font has been added, the Playfair Display Bold, which is a Serif font, to be used for main titles. Titles are therefore more impactful because of the contrast generated with the opposition of the modern font of the logo, the colors and patterns used (you'll see later =).

Step 4: colors & patterns

The big bet about colors for Kolsquare was to find colors that are associated to technology but without dehumanize the brand, as our industry is first of all based on human interactions. Just watch our baseline : "Tech-Powered. Human Driven".

Starting from the elements of the brainstorm I've highlighted, I found a parallel between the result of the brainstrom and a natural effect, which remind us to the authenticity the brand wants to put forward: The aurora borealis. This phenomenon is the result of the interactions of billions of atoms, ions, like what happened on social feeds everyday. It's also carries two notions of time: endless phenomenon, but ephemeral, like any post, any chat on social feeds.

After numerous iterations, a Navy Blue has been chosen for the logo, and two binoms of tints: Vivid Sky Blue / Turquoise, and French Pink / Lavander. The first one is used when we're speaking about our product (software, tech, data...), and the second one when we've speaking about influencers, campaigns...

The French Pink is also currently used as an accentuation color because of its sparkling and distinguishable look.

As I previously said, different patterns are supporting the brand. The background of these patterns are depending of the subject, and a new background has been introduced for generic purposes (Vivid Sky Blue / Lavender), and is now used as major pattern.

Step 5: declining the identity

The next step was to decline the identity on all assets (web / print / collaterals / social feeds), but also to adapt our product to this new brand. For this precise point, I have created a complete design system to ease the work and communication with the dev team.

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