Branding Kazam


Kazam is a smartphones builder selling low-cost mobiles online. When they decided to enter the french market, they wanted to disrupt the market and create a brand totally different from the others players, with an image based on funny and trash concepts.

They aimed to highlight 3 key differentiators from their competitors: the really low price, the high size of the screens, the free and quick exchange of screen in case of break. That's why I created those messages:

  • 1st pic: "Don't even try to justify yourself. You've been plucked by buying a smartphone? She had told you to buy a Kazam...
  • 2nd pic: "It seems that size does not matter... The price, however... Kazam, the best size of smartphones in terms of prices
  • 3rd pic "Our smartphones don't bend... But with many efforts you can break it. And in this case, Kazam replace it freely in 3 days. (This last point was a blink to the iPhone 6, that was known to bend after few days of use)
  • 4th pic "Ready to accept everything for a smartphone? Stop hurting yourself... All smartphones are not overpriced. Kazam, high quality smartphones & services, with affordable prices.